• Overall height after installation: 88″ (2235 mm)
  • Installation time: 5 hours

Kits & Prices

Item Description MSRP* Part # Add
Exterior Options
Electrics Kit (req'd to add Electric options) $200.00 Electrics
Exterior Mirrors $90.00 JaHR9016-20
Front Worklights $210.00 JaHR9016-09
Rear Worklamp $180.00 JaHR9016-10
Retractable Seat Belt Kit (Required) $250.00 JaHR9019-23
Road Light Kit (console mounted turn signal lever, head lights, tails, turn signal and flasher lights) $660.00 JaHR9016-25
Rotating Beacon Amber, Low Profile $185.00 JaHR9016-17
Strobe Beacon Amber, Low Profile $185.00 JaHR9016-18
Windshield Kit $450.00 JaHR9019-24
Interior Options
Front Wiper $370.00 JaHR9019-22
Front Wiper Washer $130.00 JaHR9016-02
Interior Mirror $50.00 JaHR9016-19

* Prices effective February 1, 2016. Freight or installation are not included.