• Cab shipping weight: 450 lbs (205 kg)
  • Mounting time (heater): 2hrs
  • MCS600 is compatible with cab mounted onto 1565 Deere only, special cab is required
  • Air Conditioning compressor mounting kits to be ordered through John Deere:
  • For 1565 Deere, order TCB10824
  • For 1445/1545 Deere, order TCB10823

Kits & Prices

Item Description MSRP* Part # Add
Exterior Options
4-Way LED Flashers w/ Directional Signals $440.00 JD1565-006
Exterior Mirrors $90.00 JD1565-012
Front Worklights $210.00 JD1565-002
Head Lights w/ Tail Lights $370.00 JD1565-004
Rear Worklamp $180.00 JD1565-003
Rotating Beacon Amber, Low Profile $185.00 JD1565-007
Strobe Beacon Amber, Low Profile $185.00 JD1565-009
Interior Options
Front Wiper INCLUDED Front-wiper
Air Conditioner/Heater $4040.00 JD1565-014
AM/FM Jensen Radio $600 JD1565-049
Defrost Fan Kit $120.00 JD1565-015
Front Wiper Washer $130.00 JD1565-018
Heater (all models) $630.00 JD1565-013
Interior Mirror $50.00 JD1565-011
Rear Radial Wiper $370.00 JD1565-019
Rear Wiper Washer $130.00 JD1565-020

* Prices effective February 1, 2016. Freight or installation are not included.