• Total shipping weight: 425 lbs (193 kg)
  • Mounting time w/heater: 4 hours
  • Heater/Air Conditioning Kit (pre Tier 4 only)

Kits & Prices

Item Description MSRP* Part # Add
Exterior Options
Road Light Kit (Console Mount Turn Signal Lever, Headlights, Tails, Turn Sigs and Flashers) $675.00 JaTC600-27
Exterior Mirrors $91.00 JaTC600-15
Front Worklights $214.00 JaTC600-06
Rear Worklamp $183.00 JaTC600-07
Rotating Beacon Amber, Low Profile $188.00 JaTC600-12
Strobe Beacon Amber, Low Profile $188.00 JaTC600-13
Interior Options
Front Wiper INCLUDED Front-wiper
AM/FM Jensen Radio $612.00 JaTC600-22
Defrost Fan Kit $122.00 JaTC600-21
Front Wiper Washer $132.00 JaTC600-17
Heater Kit $642.00 JaTC600-20
Heater/Air Conditioning Kit (pre Tier 4 only) $4080.00 JaTC600-23
Interior Mirror $51.00 JaTC600-14
Rear Radial Wiper Kit $377.00 JaTC600-18
Rear Wiper Washer $132.00 JaTC600-19

Prices effective January 1, 2020. Freight and installation not included.