John Deere 2032R Steel Top (JD2032-001-3S)


Cab Part Number: JD2032-001-3S

  • Overall height when mounted: 81″ to top of the roof, no beacon installed
  • Cab shipping weight: 475 lbs
  • Mounting time (heater): 4 hours
  • Cab is compatible with back-hoe attachment, must be specified at time of order, different front bracket for back-hoe configuration.
  • Not Compatible with 2017 and newer tractors.
  • Parts Pricing in Price specifications on bottom of page

NOTE: tractor model must be specified at time of order, mounting kits are not universal.

backhoe compatible warm weather compatible
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Prices do not include freight, tax or installation.

Kits & Prices

Exterior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Custom Green Paint JD2032-025 $100.00
Front Worklights JD2032-002 $260.00
Dual Rear Worklights JD2032-019 $260.00
Rotating Amber Beacon, Low Profile JD2032-009 $225.00
Strobe amber Beacon, Low Profile JD2032-010 $225.00
Folding Rectangular Mirrors (2) JD2032-012 $160.00
Quick Disconnect Heater Kit A00-0142 $308.00
Upgraded Front LED Bar JD2032-020 $260.00

Interior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Front Wiper Front-wiper INCLUDED
Additional On/Off Rocker Switch A00-0065 $38.50
Euro Style Interior Mirror JD2032-088 $64.00
Heater JD2032-068 INCLUDED
Defrost Fan JD2032-014 $149.00
Front Wiper Washer JD2032-016 $160.00
Rear Radial Wiper JD2032-017 $456.00
Rear Wiper Washer JD2032-018 $160.00
Key Switch Power Connection JD2032-040 $56.00