John Deere Wam Series 3 ROPS


  • Installation Time: 2hrs
  • Overall height: 86″
  • ROPS with Golf Protection
  • Compatible with Series 3 only
  • Shipping Weight: 250lbs
backhoe incompatible
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Kits & Prices

Exterior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Custom Deere Green Paint JD1600S3-023 $100.00
Tempered Glass Windshield (with Wiper holes) JD1600S3-027 $598.00
Golf Ball Mesh Protection Package JD1600S3-025 $1,569.00
Polycarbonate Windshield JD1600S3-026 $376.00
Front Worklights JD1600S3-029 $260.00
Head Lights w/Tail Lights JD1600S3-031 $466.00
4-Way LED Flashers w/Directional Signals JD1600S3-032 $545.00
Whelen Amber Flasher Kit (4 Sides) JD1600S3-033 $755.00
Exterior Mirrors JD1600T-011 $110.00
Front Wiper (Glass windshield only) JD1600S3-028 $475.00

Interior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Euro Style Interior Mirror JD1600S3-088 $64.00