Mahindra 1626 A/C Compatible


Cab Part Number: Base Hard Cab 1626 Mahindra AC (Mah1626-01)

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Overall height is 91” to top of A/C unit

Installation is approximately 8-10 hours with A/C

Short model available —heater compatible only

Backhoe is yet to be tested.

backhoe incompatible warm weather compatible cold weather compatible
Base Price




Materials Surcharge (9.84%)


Estimated Total


Effective price date: September 1, 2021. Prices do not include freight, tax or installation.

Kits & Prices

Exterior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Front Worklights Mah1626-02 INCLUDED
Upgraded Front Worklights Mah1626-03 $135.00
Dual Rear Worklamps Mah1626-04 $235.00
Upgraded Rear Worklights Mah1626-09 $370.00
Rotating Beacon Amber, Low Profile Mah1626-05 $205.00
Strobe Beacon Amber, Low Profile Mah1626-06 $205.00
Exterior Mirrors Mah1626-08 $100.00
Front Wiper Standard Front-wiper INCLUDED
Front Wiper Washer Mah1626-13 $145.00
Rear Radial Wiper Mah1626-14 $415
Rear Wiper Washer Mah1626-15 $145.00

Interior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Heater/Air Conditioner Mah1626-11 $4800.00
Interior Mirror Mah1626-07 $58.00
Defrost Fan Kit Mah1626-10 $135.00
Jensen AM/FM Radio Mah1626-12 $675.00