Toro MP 5800G (To5800G-001)


Cab Part Number: To5800G-001

  • Overall height when measured from the ground, 88″ (no beacon)
  • Cab shipping weight 610 lbs
  • Cab install time with AC 5-6 hours
  • Parts Pricing in Price specifications on bottom of page
backhoe incompatible warm weather compatible cold weather compatible
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Kits & Prices

Exterior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Front LED Work Lights To5800G-003 INCLUDED
Dual LED Rear Work Lights To5800G-014 $260.00
Low Profile Rotating Amber Beacon To5800G-004 $225.00
Low Profile Strobe Amber Beacon To5800G-005 $225.00
Folding Rectangular Mirrors (2) To5800G-007 $160.00

Interior Options

Item Description Part # MSRP* Add
Front Wiper Front-Wiper INCLUDED
Additional On-Off Rocker Switch A00-0065 $38.50
Interior Mirror To5800G-006 $64.00
Air Conditioner/Heater To5800G-008 $5450.00
Defrost Fan Kit To5800G-012 $149.00
Charcoal Filter Req'd with AC To5800G-009 $345.00